Baby Massage

Benefits of classes include:

1. Learning to communicate and build a close relationship with your baby. All new relationships benefit from spending time together and this can become a time your both look forward to.

2. Massage can really help with colic and infant stresses such as teething it can also promote improved sleep patterns.

3. Premature babies have been shown to gain weight much more quickly when having massage than those babies who didn't receive massage.

4. Massage help to increase the baby's body awareness and this can enhance development and improve muscle tone. Techniques you will learn can aid digestion and can help with constipation.

5. The classes are a time to meet other mums, share information and experiences in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. I have small numbers in the classes so you can have plenty of time to learn techniques from me and also it maintains a calm and relaxing atmosphere for you to learn in.

Baby massage dates can be arranged to suit you, if you can get a group of between 3 or more parents and babies. I can do a series of classes to suit you, so do book as soon as you can to ensure you get a place for you and your baby.

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