Why do people use an Personal Trainer?

  • To build strength and fitness to improve their performance in many different sports
  • To develop stamina and flexibility to get the most out of their hobbies
  • To aid weight loss necessary for medical reasons
  • To get back in shape after child birth
  • To tone up for a forthcoming wedding or holiday
  • To improve energy levels to enhance quality of time with children or performance at work

What are the advantages of using an Personal Trainer?

  • Programmes are tailor made to the individuals' needs and objectives making it more likely they will meet their goals
  • With a personal trainer's encouragement you are more likely to keep motivated than if you train alone
  • Prices are competitive compared with other options such as full time gym membership, making this a cost effective way of obtaining professional training
  • Sessions can take place in your own home or office making it easier to fit training into a busy day
  • A personal trainer can offer advice on nutrition, supplements and a healthy diet
  • If you feel self conscious in a gym the option of training in private will boost your confidence

What does the health analysis involve?

During the health analysis we will measure and record key physical statistics. Blood pressure, resting heart rate, and weight will be taken. Strength of lungs will be measured using a peak flow monitor. This involves you simply blowing into the device. Finally body composition will be calculated using a monitor which appears like a set of bathroom scales.

Although this may seem daunting the processes are simple and the results are taken in confidence. The figures will allow me to design appropriate training plans and enable us both to track your progress.

What area do you operate in?

As an Personal Trainer in Reading. I also offer personal training in Bracknell

What times are you available for Sessions?

I generally work between Monday to Saturday, but am happy to discuss session times around your needs.

Reading Weight Loss?

Reading weight loss is achievable through increased exercise, building muscle mass and a healthy diet.

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