The Benefits of training

Results, both physically and mentally, are achieved through hard work and lifestyle changes. We WILL help you implement these systems, so that you get your results!

It's likely you have wasted your time and money on the gym, fad diets and inexperienced trainer that have got you minimal results? We end that, and show you Fat Loss is sustainable!

With over 10 year's experience, we will get you your results, whilst educating you in the ways to eat and live healthily.

You should consider personal training sessions if you:

• need to lose weight,
• are training for a specific sport or event,
• have any health problems or injuries,
• want to feel better about yourself,
• want to look your best for a special occasion,
• are constantly tired and stressed,
• are you bored with your normal training regime,

It is a sad fact that more and more people these days are far from being the correct weight for good health. Being the correct weight for your height is not only a vanity issue. Being overweight poses a real risk to your health as it may cause High Blood Pressure, High Blood Cholesterol and Diabetes Mellitus II (Adult Onset Diabetes). Being overweight also puts more strain on most joints and, in particular, the lower back.

It is frightening that 1 in 12 of all four-year-olds in this country are already clinically obese and a staggering 1 in 5 of all four-year-olds are overweight!! And this figure is on the increase.

Joining a Slimming Club usually only leads to short term weight loss because you normally follow a set diet which will be boring sooner or later and, more importantly, you won't learn about food and nutrition. Most people will only be driven to what is known as yo-yo-dieting, They will loose weight while attending clubs and on a diet. When they stop the diet they will revert to their former eating patterns and because, normally, their metabolic rate will be lower than before embarking on a diet they will gain more weight than they ever lost. And so the vicious cycle of yo-yo-dieting has started. On top of that, anyone who has experienced this will normally feel a failure.

This does not have to be the case because it is often not only the amount of food we eat that makes us fat but we frequently chose the wrong kinds of foods. This is where I can help you. As a Personal Trainer and a member of the Register I will teach you about the correct food choices so that you can devise your own meals. Very soon you will be able to choose for yourself what food is helping you to achieve your target and what food may pose a hindrance. You don't need to adhere to a strict "diet" to reach your specific target.

But weight management does not necessarily mean that you want to loose weight. You may want to increase your body weight. In this case I am able to help you as well by providing you with sufficient knowledge about food and food groups to choose from. As your Personal Trainer I will guide you towards making better food choices for your specific needs.

Also, what is more important than simply stepping on the scales and checking your weight is your Body Fat Percentage which is age dependent and different for males or females.

Good nutritional choices can even eliminate Heartburn, lower Blood Cholesterol and Blood Pressure, help with Hiatus Hernia and provide you with boundless energy. So don't waste any more time with starving yourself or yo-yo-dieting: ask me for help, because sensible eating combined with regular physical exercise is a sure way to succeed.

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