What to expect

You may experience a range of mild reactions following a massage, these are different for each person and may vary after each treatment. Some transient reactions should be seen as a positive sign that your body is rebalancing and cleansing itself. This is often a consequence of your body clearing out toxins, both mentally and physically that may have built up over a period of time!

Common reactions include:

• An excellent night's sleep!
• Improved circulation and clarity of thought
• Relief from stress and tension
• Varying degrees of tiredness, followed by surges of energy!
• Increased vitality
• Feelings of peace and harmony
• A slight ache or soreness in your muscles, especially those with a build up of tension
• A heightened emotional state, you may feel tearful or giggly
• An increase in bowel movements and urination as toxins are released
• Increased perspiration and mucus production
• A slight, temporary skin redness or rash
• Transient nausea

These reactions should not last more than 2-3 days so resist any over the counter medications for any aches and pains. Allow your body to rebalance naturally and healthily. You may however experience few or none of the above. These reactions often pass after your first few massages as you become healthier.

So what can you do after your massage?

Aftercare is important to derive the maximum benefit from your massage

• Rest as much as possible in the 12hrs after massage
• Avoid strenuous exercise
• Drink approx 2L of water / drink herbal teas to speed up the elimination of toxins
• Cut down on tea, coffee and cola as they will further dehydrate
• Do not smoke and avoid alcohol for at least 12hrs
• Light snacks, fruit and vegetables are easier to digest than a heavy meal, the demands of digestion will divert energy away from the natural healing process
• Take care when driving, keep the window open and stop if you feel faint

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